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Top 3 AI tokens at Bitcoin Master

September 6, 2023

Interest is artificial intelligence (AI) is growing very rapidly in recent months. The beginning of this growing interest can probably be attributed to the release of ChatGPT. Following that, big Tech giants like Google have let it be known that they will soon come out with AI applications as well. There are several crypto-tokens that have a link to artificial intelligence that have risen significantly in value over the past week. A great time to see which AI tokens are being offered on the Bitcoin Master platform.

1. What is SingularityNET?

SingularityNET (AGIX) is a decentralized platform that enables developers to create, share and trade AI services on the blockchain. The platform uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to create a decentralized marketplace for AI services. This allows developers to build, share and use AI algorithms, models and applications in a secure, transparent and accessible way. We use an example of an AI model figuring out what the cheapest flight is. This depends on many different factors, such as the number of people you are flying with, the destination, the weather, airline staff shortages and an infinite number of other factors. If you go on vacation with a group and want to use the AI model, you have to pay for it with AGIX. The developer of the model then also receives a portion of this.

Below is the chart of SingularityNET. Here it is easy to see that the stock price is rising sharply in early February.

Graph from SingularityNET
Graph from SingularilyNET on the Bitcoin Master platform

2. What is Fetch? (FET) is a cryptocurrency and decentralized platform for establishing and executing smart contracts and decentralized applications. Fetch aims to provide solutions for various industries such as finance, logistics and energy by using AI and blockchain technology. The Fetch network is designed to perform tasks such as data collection and exchange, making it easier for companies to access the data they need. Buying and selling data on the blockchain is done by users supported by artificial intelligence. Fetch. ai also offers insights right along with the data they sell. So basically, Fetch is a bit of a cross between Ocean Protocol and SingularityNET.

3. What is Ocean Protocol?

Ocean Protocol (OCEAN) is built on blockchain technology and provides a secure and transparent marketplace for data exchanges. Ocean Protocol is a kind of marketplace where various data are made public. The platform aims to address challenges such as data monopoly, lack of data privacy and data silos in traditional centralized data exchanges. The datasets for sale through the Ocean Protocol can be used to train AI models. By making data publicly available, Ocean Protocol hopes to keep control away from large companies that have been aggregating decades of data. By offering data on the blockchain, start-ups also have access to extensive data that will allow them to better compete with established companies.

Disclaimer: The above text is a description of three coins offered on the Bitcoin Master platform. This is not advice on whether or not to buy a particular coin.