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We've made it safe and easy to buy, sell and store crypto with our mobile apps. So you can access your crypto anytime and anywhere, and trade whenever you want.

About BCM

BCM (formerly Bitcoin Meester) is a Dutch crypto provider, founded in 2017. On the BCM platform, users can safely and easily trade and store more than 170 coins, as well as earn rewards on their crypto.

BCM was born out of enthusiasm for crypto and blockchain. We want to make crypto and digital ownership accessible to everyone. We do this through education, inspiration and lightning-fast support. With our reliable platform you can enter the world of crypto safely and responsibly.

BCM. Own your future today.

Why choose BCM?

Simple and fast

Our platform is super user-friendly and fast. Whether you are just starting out in crypto or already experienced, at BCM you will find everything you need on one platform.

Safety first

Security is our top priority. We are registered with the DNB, hold customer funds 1:1 and manage them in a separate third party funds foundation.

Dutch broker

We love contact and will do everything we can to help you. A BCM customer deserves the best help, regardless of the question or language.