Crypto, SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol join forces to form Superintelligence Alliance

March 29, 2024, SingularityNET, and Ocean Protocol are joining forces to form the Superintelligence Alliance, a collaboration of three leading decentralized AI companies. As part of this alliance, the tokens from these projects (FET, AGIX, OCEAN) will merge into one new token: the Artificial Superintelligence (ASI) token.

What does this mean to you?

Upon approval of the merger, which will be determined by a voting process, your FET, OCEAN and/or AGIX tokens will be exchanged for Artificial Superintelligence tokens (ASI). This exchange rate is fixed and will not change.

  • For FET tokens, the exchange will be at a ratio of 1:1. For example, if you have 50 FET, you will receive 50 ASI.
  • Ocean token holders receive 0.433226 ASI for each OCEAN token.
  • Agix token holders receive 0.433350 ASI for each AGIX token.
  • The total supply of ASI tokens will be 2.63 billion.

What to do.

Nothing at all. The transition to ASI will be completely automatic for the tokens in your BCM account. This process will start after approval by the communities of the various projects, with a vote ending on April 16. Until then, we are waiting for approval and the next steps in the merge and swap process.

Swap to ASI

Don't worry about the swap process; we will take care of that for you, provided there is a final go for the merger. You will be notified by email in a timely manner about the timing of the swap, so you know exactly when your tokens will be converted to ASI.

Do you still have questions or uncertainties? Don't hesitate to contact our helpdesk.