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With the name change to BCM, we are launching our iOS and Android app. Until the web app is ready, it will remain possible to use the Bitcoin Meester web app.

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Microsoft & Aptos: Collaboration for AI Blockchain

September 6, 2023

Aptos Labs, formed from the former Facebook project Diem, is joining forces with Microsoft to take its blockchain solutions to the next level.

The 'Aptos Assistant' chatbot

Building on Facebook's Diem project (formerly known as Libra), Aptos Labs is taking the next step with an integration of Microsoft's AI technology. The collaboration includes the introduction of the "Aptos Assistant" chatbot. Powered by Microsoft's Azure OpenAI Service, this assistant will answer user questions about the Aptos ecosystem and support developers in building smart contracts and decentralized apps.

CEO of Aptos Labs, Mo Shaikh, explains, "Artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies are cross-generational breakthroughs. They represent the next step in the evolution of the Internet and have a profound impact on our society."

Integration with Github's Copilot

In addition, Aptos is integrating its own programming language, Move, into Github's Copilot service. Rashmi Misra, manager of AI and emerging technologies at Microsoft, notes, "With this technology merger, we aim to make the use of blockchain accessible to all and to encourage new decentralized applications with AI."

The ambitions don't stop there. The two companies are also considering jointly exploring blockchain-based financial services. This includes everything from asset tokenization to central bank digital currencies.

With this collaboration, Microsoft and Aptos Labs hope to further push the boundaries of AI and blockchain. The goal is clear: an enriched user experience and enhanced tools for developers in the world of blockchain.