New listing: Mask Network

September 6, 2023

Bitcoin Master was renamed BCM yesterday (on March 8). As we indicated earlier, improvements will be made primarily on our platform itself. Our commitment to providing you, the customer, with the best experience remains unchanged. For example, we are constantly monitoring our offerings to make sure our listings still meet our security requirements. At the same time, we are also looking for new coins that are a valuable addition to our platform. Today we come right out with a new listing. Mask Network is now available for purchase through BCM.

What is Mask Network?

Mask Network is a browser extension that can be used as a bridge between Web 2.0 (the Internet as we know it today) and Web 3.0 (a more decentralized form of the Internet). Mask focuses on social networks and allows users to send crypto through networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

The network is designed to give users full control over their data and content, and it leverages the power of blockchain technology to ensure that all interactions are transparent, immutable and secure. This means users can share their content, interact with others without censorship or surveillance.

One of Mask Network's key features is its ability to use encrypted messages. This allows users to communicate privately and securely, without the risk of their messages being intercepted or hacked. For example, it is possible to send a tweet that can only be read by someone with a Mask ID, and a key from the person who sent the tweet.

MASK is Mask Network's native ERC20 token. Among other things, this token allows users to pay for Mask Network's encryption services. Furthermore, MASK is also used as a governance token for MASK DAO. The token can then be used, for example, to vote on new features.

Trading on the BCM platform

For now, the new BCM trading environment is only available on iOS(BCM - Buying Bitcoin & crypto). This means that if you want to trade on the web, it must be done on the old platform( Also for Android, the old app will remain available until the new app is ready. All transactions, balances and other information is the same for the different apps and website. Thus, there is no difference in price or offerings.