Bitcoin Meester is now BCM

With the name change to BCM, we are launching our iOS and Android app. Until the web app is ready, it will remain possible to use the Bitcoin Meester web app.

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Available on iOS and Android

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NEW LISTINGS: Aptos (APT) and Lido DAO (LDO)

September 6, 2023

In addition to running our own nodes for more and more coins, being in the midst of rebranding from Bitcoin Master to BCM , we also regularly refresh our offerings. For example, coins will be delisted if they no longer meet the quality standards we strive for. But we will also start adding new coins to our offerings regularly from now on. This week we have added 2 new coins to our offer: Aptos and Lido DAO. Both coins are now available for trading on Bitcoin Master.

What is Aptos

Like Ethereum, Aptos is a layer 1 proof-of-stake blockchain that supports smart contracts and decentralized applications. Aptos is a Layer 1 blockchain that uses the Move programming language. The argument for Aptos is clear: It is a layer 1 proof-of-stake blockchain just like Ethereum that can theoretically do everything Ethereum can do, only cheaper and faster. For example: transaction processing speed.

What is Lido DAO

Lido is a liquid staking solution for proof-of-stake (POS) blockchains. Currently, these include Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), Polkadot (DOT) and Kusama (KSM). Users can stake their PoS tokens on Lido and receive a reward for staking their tokens. LDO is an ERC-20 governance token compliant with the Ethereum network. LDO is also used to reward various DAO users and activities. Anyone holding LDO is entitled to vote in any decision-making process, with the amount of LDO they strike determining their voting power.

Check out Aptos and Lido DOA on Bitcoin Master here.