Beware of phishing: BCM never asks for login details via SMS

November 17, 2023

We would like to warn you about misleading text messages asking you to log into your BCM account through a link. This is absolutely not from BCM and is a clear example of phishing. Please remember: BCM never asks you to log in this way.

What exactly is phishing?

Phishing is a technique criminals use to steal sensitive information. They send fake messages that look like communications from trusted sources, but in reality are traps set up to hijack your login credentials or financial information.

The consequences of responding to a phishing message may include:

  • Theft of personal information: Your privacy is at stake when criminals gain access to your personal information.
  • Financial loss: You may lose money due to unauthorized access to your financial accounts.
  • Reputational damage: Your online reputation can be damaged as a result of identity theft.

We will never ask you to log in via text message or provide your personal information. We took immediate steps against the phishing attempt by reporting the fraudulent website to the hosting provider.

Your plan of action for a suspicious message

  • Don't click: Never accept links in unexpected text messages.
  • No data sharing: Never disclose personal information as a result of an SMS request.
  • Reporting: Let us know immediately if you receive a suspicious message.
  • Change passwords: Change your passwords immediately if you suspect your information has been leaked.

Always use caution and contact our customer service department if in doubt. Your safety and the security of your data are our highest priority.